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The problem all our clients face is the integration of varied and nuanced businesses.

Globalisation is driving commodity and energy businesses to merge, while cost pressures and the need to scale are driving functional consolidation within the merged entities. This often begins with finance and risk and progresses towards the front office.

The problem all our clients face is the integration of such varied and nuanced businesses. The unique characteristics of every product must be incorporated in a way that allows common sensitivity and exposure calculations within an enterprise-wide taxonomy that supports multiple purposes.

We specialise in:

  • Enterprise-wide risk management.
  • Spreadsheets decommissioning.
  • Model validation.
“ Recommendations and regulations resulting from the global financial crisis continue to impact many institutions. Multidisciplinary experienced teams can provide proven solutions to overcome those challenges. ” Cindy Chan Business Manager, Asia Pacific
Inisghts Fact 20m

Digital banks are growing fast – at 5% per week passing 500,000 users in 2017. In a market where 20 million people are using apps to access financial services, the organisations with low agility will quickly become marginalised.

Insights Fact 80%

Since 2015, the pace of new regulation has finally slowed and we are now seeing a net Opex reduction. While this is great, there is undoubtedly still a high level of waste across the sector – particularly within ‘full coverage’ organisations where it has been estimated that over 80% of internal functions are duplicated.

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