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There is greater disparity in buy-side technology practices than anywhere else in the finance industry – ranging from end-user computing through to co-located high-frequency trading apparatus.

Many of our buy-side clients see us as part of their firm – we enrich their IT departments. We provide advice, implementation and support within a tightly cost-controlled service.

We are specialists in:

  • Order management systems implementations and upgrades, including Charles River (CRD) and Latent Zero.
  • Portfolio management systems such as PORTIA, Beauchamp, Tradar, Principia, Bloomberg TOMS and POMS.
  • Reconciliation platforms (administrator / prime broker).
  • Bespoke portfolio modelling / trade capture / risk management.
  • Add CAfIT and thinkFolio.

Model TCO: reducing waste in financial analytics

Riskcare provides a unique combination of business, quant, risk and technology practitioners – providing solutions for a wide variety of modelling applications. By Riskcare
White paper

Portfolio optimisation

Portfolio optimisation is computationally intensive and has potential for performance improvement – GPU is a natural fit for this. This paper examines the effects of evaluating large numbers of proposed solutions in parallel for use with Direct Search optimisation. Portfolio optimisation was published in Wilmott magazine, January 2013 issue. By Niels Stchedroff

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