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Our vision is to enable banks to build event-driven front-to-back platforms, where market opportunity drives the allocation of their capital.

With business and capital inflows from investment banking, hedge fund and institutional managers are increasingly scaling their capabilities. For many this means outsourcing business, technology and risk functions.

Ensuring that market and counter-party credit risks do not migrate from portfolios to managers’ balance sheets is an increasingly key component in running successful operations.

Our sell-side experience positions us to deliver the most complex buy side transformations.

Our vision for the buy side is streamlined technology that traces out the investment process.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Automating the investment process: through portfolio modelling, risk management, hedging and STP.
  • Cost reduction: operational efficiency improvements, reducing technology and data costs.
  • Client experience: mobile, APIs, reporting.
  • Compliance: UCITS and GIPS analysis and reporting, guideline modelling and monitoring.
  • Strategic change: technology, operations and strategy.
“ Delivering excellence within rapidly changing markets requires a deep understanding of the outcome each client wants to achieve. ” Ian Rebello Head of Business Development, Americas
Insights Fact 10%

The world’s biggest investment banks’ revenues have fallen 10% per year since 2009, yet costs have dropped just 1% per year.

Insights Fact 70%

In 2010 industry experts estimated data management and data cleansing costs alone were consuming 70% of the risk management TCO.

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