Our management and partners have been with us for many years, and hold a deep appreciation, both for our market and the goals of our professionals. We run a flat, transparent and meritocratic organisation, our consultants know who is responsible in every circumstance, as do our clients.


Steve White


Having joined us in 1999 and run a substantial number of projects across clients of all types and sizes, Steve now leads our board and is actively involved in our sales teams. He has always wanted to build an environment that enables software engineers to flourish as professionals.


Helen Duffy


Helen joined our financial control team in 2010 and moved into leadership initially as CFO. Now as COO she is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business, our infrastructure and shared services.


Ian Rebello

Managing Director, Americas

Having joined the firm as a business development executive in 2006, Ian branched out in 2010 to establish our presence in the US. Many of our clients need joined-up thinking between London and NY, and Ian provides this pivotal bridge for us, as well as shaping our business to meet the demands of our US clients.


David Winkworth


David joined us in 2007 and has run over 60 projects, many on the leading edge of trading technology. He has built a deep level of trust that spans many client relationships, continually delivering value, robust technology and keen insights to them.


Ksenia Ponomareva


Ksenia joined as a Financial Engineer in 2012 and while running over 40 projects rapidly moved on to lead our Quant team (which covers our AI and ML programmes). Our quants know that by putting clients' objectives first and foremost, we differentiate ourselves from others in this field, and consequently she has helped us win many exciting and innovative projects.


Ruth Newman

Resources and Culture

Ruth has been with us since 2016 and manages recruitment and performance management, ensuring the values evidenced from our staff align to those representative of the company as a whole. We have a high proportion of truly satisfied staff, and very few politics, and she is critical to creating and sustaining our culture.