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We encourage skills development along four axes:


Knowledge advancement is central to our mentoring programme. Knowledge leaders, for example, set regular objectives for every consultant.

Responsibility and experience

We work with each member of staff to enable them to achieve their potential – helping them to stretch their skill set by exploring new opportunities and taking on challenges. How far each individual wants to take this depends on his or her vision within our market context.


We encourage employees to define their own unique role within the company. Our mentoring process focuses on equipping our staff with the required tools to build on their existing strengths – both individually and as part of a team.


Developing each individual’s maturity is key to effective teamwork. One of the Executive Committee’s intrinsic objectives is to support each member of staff in becoming expertly interdependent.


Our staff support framework includes:

  • Transparent financials.
  • A proactive mentoring programme.
  • An incentivising remuneration framework.
  • Frequent training, seminar and certification opportunities.
  • Our supportive leadership structure.
  • Our unique business development process.
  • A lively social programme.