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Our excellent delivery reputation is based on decades of project implementation within challenging and complex environments.

We achieve certain delivery success by predefining outcomes with our clients. This engagement model empowers us to work with our clients in an accountable, transparent, reliable, controlled, collaborative and well-governed way.

These principles summarise our ‘goal oriented’ delivery methodology:


The objective of every project we undertake is to ensure successful delivery. All of our staff are permanent employees and each is fully accountable. Every individual’s personal objectives are aligned to both parties’ corporate objectives. The resulting environment enables our project managers to deliver in scope, on time and within budget.

Our PMs are proactive risk managers – they take the lead, own responsibilities and wear the risk. Each one combines a decade of experience, on average, with extensive knowledge of our clients and their products.

Our teams remain allocated until the project completes to the client’s total satisfaction.


We take full managerial responsibility for our personnel yet clients have complete visibility of our working materials and intra-team activities. The upshot is that we have the authority we need to achieve the client’s goals alongside providing total project transparency. We welcome clients challenging any aspects of our approach – any feedback that improves our reliability is valued.

All Riskcare staff are trained in clear and proactive communication – it is a core focus in biannual reviews. Our PMs ensure that clients have all of the information they need to make effective project decisions.


We actively manage assumptions, risks, issues and dependencies; this is vital when dealing with the shifting financial technology landscape. Meeting project success criteria necessitates vigilance in managing expectations: assumptions can prove false, dependencies fail and requirements evolve with every project we do. As long as our expectations are aligned with those of our clients, we can ensure a successful result.

Demonstrating control

Procuring professional services requires a high degree of trust. Which is why our PMs have been trained to actively demonstrate that they are in control of events as projects unfold. They are first to know of any material threats that emerge and make sure both parties are kept abreast of any developments.


When our project lead meets the client lead, the first thing that’s agreed will be soft skills and social/cultural objectives – particularly where there are C-suite, front office or cross-border interactions (near shore or off shore). Our experience has proven that the failsafe way to deliver is to mould ourselves to our client’s way of working. Great teamwork demonstrates that our collective performance exceeds the sum of its parts.

Governance network

We centralise our project assurance and governance from our delivery centres in London and New York. The status of every project is reported to Riskcare’s ExCo and board weekly. Every sponsor has an out-of-project escalation point as a standard part of our service.


Riskcare has built its reputation on implementing excellence through our integrated approach towards technology, methodology and workflow. This comprehensive formula has dramatically improved the day-to-day experience of the hundreds of thousands of users of the resulting technology.

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Our leadership culture is supportive and accessible. Guided by the Executive Committee, our teams work together to establish clear and measurable deliverables – with pre-agreed objectives and success criteria.

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