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Riskcare is a financial services and technology consultancy that provides a distinct blend of quantitative, software engineering and business process skills to the capital markets.

Our highly innovative teams have implemented over 2,000 projects in the past two decades – ranging from strategic advisory services to large-scale enterprise change – for our banking, buy side, insurance and commodities clients.

Our approach to consulting and fulfilment can be summarised by two commitments that we make to our clients:

• We undertake work on a goal-oriented basis, with the success criteria established in advance of either party committing.

• Our teams are available to clients for the full project lifecycle – from advice through to delivery and support. This comprehensive process provides genuine accountability to our clients; we implement our advice and support our implementations.

Two decades of delivering excellence

Since starting out as an investment-banking technology provider in 1994, Riskcare has grown to become one of the UK’s foremost change management firms with offices in London, New York and Sydney.

We have provided advisory and implementation services to more than 100 leading financial institutions, including every major investment bank. 

A brief history of Riskcare


Riskcare was founded by Chris Bray to provide investment-banking technology via a professional culture that encouraged collaboration, innovation and mutual support. The business model utilised derivatives consulting work to fund investment into building software products, which assisted in the trading and valuation of derivative products. Mainstream technology partners, in turn, acquired these products.


Consulting became a key focus and Riskcare’s reputation for combining highly gifted technologists and mathematicians to provide effective hybrid fin-tech skills grew within the financial services industry.


The company separated its business development activities from its delivery services, while continuing to provide outsourcing and consulting services under a partnership management structure.


Riskcare’s goal-oriented engagement model was formalised.


A formal management restructure led to Steve White becoming CEO and Chris Bray COO.

The core competencies of the firm were extended from the original platform of combined software and financial engineering to include the social technologies associated with human-machine interaction and business process re-engineering.


The company opened international offices to better support the needs of its clients and restructured its distribution and operations teams to support a global delivery model.


Growth and the global nature of Riskcare’s business led to further restructuring – moving from a two-tier model (selling and delivery) to a three-tier model with Knowledge, Production and Distribution departments.


Riskcare has built its reputation on implementing excellence through our integrated approach towards technology, methodology and workflow. This comprehensive formula has dramatically improved the day-to-day experience of the hundreds of thousands of users of the resulting technology.

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Our leadership culture is supportive and accessible. Guided by the Executive Committee, our teams work together to establish clear and measurable deliverables – with pre-agreed objectives and success criteria.

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