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  • Mastering change Why do banks find it hard?

  • Navigating P&L Explain Attributing profit and loss

  • Financial Procurement in the age of disruption

  • Predicting mortgage loan delinquency status with neural networks

    Abstract. Monitoring of loan performance and early identification of high-risk consumers aids prevention of loan defaults and is of interest to many… By Ksenia Ponomareva, Paul Epstein and David Knight
  • Genetic algorithm application to portfolio optimisation

    Abstract. This paper presents an evolutionary algorithm (EA) capable of calculating the efficient frontier for a given portfolio. The objective of… By Emanuele Stomeo, Ksenia Ponomareva, Simone Caenazzo and Rohit Jha
  • Banking on the cloud

    The financial industry has been cautious when towards moving functionality to the cloud, despite the obvious benefits. This is not surprising given… By James Clash

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